OffByZero Cobalt

OffByZero Cobalt allows you to focus on your core product development. You can avoid the difficulties of building a sophisticated software licensing solution, be up and running in minutes and protect your intellectual property with one system.

OffByZero Cobalt lets you:

  • easily add secure software licensing to your products
  • prevent unauthorised installations with product activation
  • create and manage licences through a secure web interface
  • configure licences dynamically for your entire installation base
  • provide concurrent licensing of your products
  • provide flexible subscription based licensing
  • provide licence protection on Citrix™ and Terminal Services
  • integrate with your online store
  • monitor licence usage
  • call home and validate the licence with a configured frequency
  • enable or disable particular features of your products
  • optionally expire by a certain date
  • demonstrate your products, or features of your products
  • integrate your own way with a powerful .NET client API

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OBZVault 3.3 is a cross-platform encrypted text editor. With OBZVault you can secure sensitive information like passwords, quotes and contacts on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

OBVault 3.3 is supported on the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Ubuntu Linux

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OBZTime eliminates the pain of timesheets - it lets you track your time with a mouse click, and automatically generates timesheets for all of your projects. Use OBZTime to:

  • Escape the drudgery of manual timesheet preparation
  • Save time and money every day
  • Polish your professional image
  • Protect your time tracking data in one safe location
  • Get paid on time by eliminating timesheet errors

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